Shipping Information

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Once we receive your order, and payment are cleared by your bank. We will prepare your order and will be using local Courier service or our own Courier to deliver your product.

We prefer to deliver the product to the owner only, unless he or she authorized someone else.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

There is two payment method available

  • PayPal

If you want to buy using international currency please use Paypal. PayPal also has the option to pay via VISA and MasterCard.

If you are paying via Bangladeshi Currency please pay via SSL Commerz. It has all the mobile payment, Internet banking and most of the Bangladeshi card as payment option.

How Do I Track My Order?

Once you order your product we will deliver your product to you within three weeks.




What are the guarantee that I will get the product?

You can contact your bank for refund or us if you do not receive your product. All product will be signature on delivery.

You have to show delivery man your order receipt or we will not deliver the product.  You may ask for second receipt if you lost.


Two places, either on the camera itself via an onboard SD Memory Card, and/or through a corresponding network video recorder.

SD Memory Cards are nifty, but you have to physically retrieve them to get the data off them. Or You need to use Mobile app to get the video.

Do you offer warranty?

All the product comes with 180 days manufacturer warranty. Customer must pay for the shipping. We will fix or replace the product if the product does not work for the natural cause. Warranty does not cover product damaged by the Electrical short circuit, water or any physical damage.

Can I view my security cameras on my Mobile phone or Ipad?

Yes you can, most of the camera in our store can be view by the mobile app. Some outdoor camera are not. So please read the description before you buy or ask question.


How long does it take to install a CCTV system?

Most of our camera is very easy to install, you may need an electrician to install the camera.

If you need any help to install please let us know we will provide you someone to install it for you. Installation will cost some additional money. It also depends on types of camera and mechanic who installing it.

Most of the product has video instruction how to install the camera so please watch the instruction before you think about the technician.

Does my order include SD card?

Most of the camera does not comes with SD card. But please check the package content. You will it bottom of the product description.

You can order SD card separately or buy from any local shop.

How to order product?

You can select the product from the shop page,  and Click add to cart. Now view your cart from top right cornar. After click place an order. You Pay via mobile or internet banking.

IF you still not sure please visit this page or watch this video:



What's include in the package?

Please read the description of the product, at the end of the product description there is a section called package contain: in there list of the item mentioned.

How long do the deliveries take?

If we have the product in our storage it will be within a week. If not we need 3-4 weeks to deliver your product.

Please be sure we will deliver your product within 4 weeks.

Can not change currency

If your browser  has tracking protection enable, You may have  trouble changing currency. In this case

  • You may use chrome
  • Disable  tracking protection in Internet explorer or Firefox.



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